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School Profile


The inaugural year was 1994/95. Initially the Outreach offered high school education for teen moms and at-risk students. Beginning in 1996, community agencies partnered with the Outreach to offer a wider youth support network. This included counsellors, native liaison worker, office personnel, transportation and supporting programming materials. In September 1999, the Outreach was re-located to a downtown facility. At this time childcare was made available to young parents working on-site. In 2002, the Outreach partnered with NADC to offer students intensive career counselling. In 2005, the Outreach opened its doors to adult students.


The Peace Regional Outreach Campus serves the needs of students who cannot or will not attend a conventional education program. Students do not attend the traditional education program for varied reasons. Some of the reasons include - working full-time; attendance problems at school; pregnancy; upgrading in one course; only one or two courses away from completing a diploma; personal and/or family crisis; moved into the area in the middle of the school year; emotional or social problems; and many others. The school serves students from grade 10 to grade 12 and range from 16 to 47 years old. The school offers over 75 courses and registered 182 students in 2006. These numbers include shared students and adult students.


  • Curriculum is accessed through distance learning materials and certified teacher supported learning.
  • Teaching staff and Educational Assistants are available to assist students with course work. The teachers mark all of the course work on site.
  • Continuous intake permits students to reconnect with their studies whenever necessary
  • Flexible programming accommodates a variety of learning styles and needs.

Career Exploration

  • Students complete a portfolio assignment that addresses their personal career plans prior to beginning their studies at the Outreach. The Personal Development Coordinator provides career information and assistance with this assignment.